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The Predator and the prey hits number two on Amazon! Promotion ends March 24th!

Okay, it wasn’t the number two slot on the paid sales on Amazon. Still, I was pretty excited The Predator and The Prey hit No. 2 in the Top 100 Category for Best Sellers in Noir Crime! It’s tough these days to even do well in the Free Category on Amazon due to all the solid competition.

I was happy to see The Predator and The Prey also managed to climb up to the No. 3 spot Hard-boiled Mysteries.

I want to thank everyone who took advantage of the Kindle Giveaway for The Predator and The Prey and helped my novel do so well during the promotion.

Sully and crew also managed to reach the No. 3 position in the Cyberpunk Science Fiction category.

Your Favorite Indie Author and Your Local Library

Libraries in general do not purchase books written by indie authors. They have their reasons and like many bureaucratic institutions are slow to change. With all the changes in technology and the decline in reading among younger citizens libraries truly have their hands full.

None of this stops indie authors from wanting to get their books into local libraries.

The sale of a single copy of a novel or non-fiction book is not really the goal for most indie authors. Exposure to readers is.

One of the biggest challenges facing all authors is being discovered by readers. Throw in factors like the author’s genre might be narrow, it is a first book, and the seven million or so new books published every year and you can start to grasp the challenge.

One of the best ways for indie authors to get a foot in the door with libraries is for local patrons who frequent the library to request copies of the author’s work to be added to the collection.

Almost all of the paperback copies of my Inspector Sullivan Series that have been sold have been a result of readers asking their local library to add the book(s) to the library’s collection.

If you enjoy the Inspector Sullivan books, please consider asking your local library to add them to the library’s collection.

In fact, if you have other indie authors you enjoy, do the same for that author. We all need to be discovered!