Police Force Structure in the Interplanetary Alliance

The head of the entire police force of the Interplanetary Alliance Police Force (IAPF) is referred to as the Commissioner of Police. All civilian police are under the authority of the Commissioner. Crime in the Alliance is separated into either Alliance or planetary crime. Crimes against the Alliance are considered to be more serious and violations carry harsher prison sentences and steeper fines. All members of the Alliance are subject to Alliance criminal statutes.

Planetary law is unique to that world. Beta Prime will have different laws than other worlds. Alliance law always takes precedence over planetary law.

Criminals wanted for violating planetary law on other worlds are subject to extradition if taken into custody on another Alliance world.

Each planet or world has its own Chief of Police who is the top civilian law enforcement officer for that world. Each planet may have its own structure and chain of command under the Chief of Police. This post is filled by appointment from the Alliance Police Commissioner.

Trials in Alliance Court require a jury consisting of six jurors. Verdicts must be unanimous. Trials in Planetary Court may be by jury, again with six jurors, or in the case of capital trials, by a tribunal of judges.

Citizens accused of violating the law have the right to remain silent as well as the right to an attorney. Within 48 hours of arrest, the individual must be indicted by a Grand Jury or released. The right to due process of law is recognized in both Alliance and Planetary law.

Once convicted, the guilty have the right to one appeal. If the appeal is denied, the sentence must be served in full, or in the case of the death penalty, carried out within two weeks.

The structure of IAPF forces, including nomenclature, is a mix of British and American police practices, representing the traditions of the two nations who initially populated and financed the Alliance’s formation as humanity expanded into space.

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