Who Would You Cast? Announcing Contest Details

Playing “what if” can be a lot of fun and most of the time it’s harmless. So why not try your hand at picking a cast of actors to play the characters in my Thomas Sullivan stories?

The basic premise is some producer with deep pockets and no affiliation with Fox (Browncoats will understand) has bought the rights to my stories.

The only limitations on casting are:

1) The actor/actress has to be alive.

2) They have to physically be able to represent my description of the character – no 5’8″ actors being cast as Sully or Father Nathan for example.

3) The use of makeup, etc, to make the actor/actress resemble the character is not only fine but most likely necessary.

To see who I would cast (if you didn’t read the post in the last Inspector’s Report) just click here.

To enter the contest send me an e-mail with your list of characters and who you would cast to play them. Be sure to include BRIEF explanations of why that actor/actress is the best fit for the character.

Deadline: March 31st

Prizes: 1st Place will receive a signed paperback copy of an Inspector Thomas Sullivan Thriller of your choice. 2nd Place will receive two Kindle editions of their choice. 3rd Place will receive one Kindle edition of choice.

Judging: I will make the final choice and all decisions are final.

The winners will have their cast selections posted in a future edition of The Inspector’s Report, my author’s FB page, and my website.

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